Useful Tweaks is a powerful “all in one” tweaks plugin.  50+ functions help you configure your system in one plugin.

Each individual tweak can be enabled/disabled at will using a text field or dropdown. If you choose at any function the ‘Default’ value, or don’t specify any value in the text fields, that function will not run. No more useless but active code, no more dozens of plugins.


Clean code
-Remove RSD link from wp head
-Remove WP generator meta from wp head
-Remove index rel link from wp head
-Remove WLW Mainfest link from wp head
-Remove Feed links from wp head
-Remove start post rel link from wp head
-Remove parent post rel link from wp head
-Remove adjacent post rel link from wp head
-Remove pingback link from head (Only in Premium Version)
-Remove html comments from source code (Only in Premium Version)

-Custom favicon
-Hide admin bar
-Show admin bar only for the administrators
-Post thumbnail to RSS
-Disable wp emojicons (WP 4.x)
-Disable Feeds
-Disable RDF Feed
-Disable RSS Feed
-Disable RSS feed
-Disable RSS2 feed
-Disable Atom feed

Custom login
-Remove wp logo image from login screen
-Replace image on login screen (Only in Premium Version)
-Change wp logo’s url on login screen (Only in Premium Version)

-Async load for faster page load (Only in Premium Version)

Custom links
– Remove rel=’category tag’ from categories
– Remove rel=’tag’ from tags
– Custom title for categories
– Custom title for tags

– Simple & smart opengraph functions (Only in Premium Version)
– Add custom og image to the homepage (Only in Premium Version)

.htaccess Guard
– .htaccess protection for WordPress (Only in Premium Version)

– Excerpt support for pages
– Enable shortcodes in text widget
– Hide Admin Notices
– Hide logo from admin bar
– Hide wp text from admin footer
– SVG upload support (Only in Premium Version)
– JPEG quality (Only in Premium Version)

– Automatic theme updater
– Automatic plugin updater

Dashboard widgets
– Remove activity widget from dashboard
– Remove quick press widget from dashboard
– Remove incoming links widget from dashboard
– Remove right now widget from dashboard
– Remove plugins widget from dashboard
– Remove recent drafts widget from dashboard
– Remove recent comments widget from dashboard
– Remove primary side from dashboard
– Remove secondary side from dashboard

– Remove Edit link for plugins (Only in Premium Version)
– Remove Deactivate link for plugins (Only in Premium Version)

– Empty trashes after x days
– Disable post revisions
– Set autosave interval in sec
– Enable/disable editing files from wp-admin (Only in Premium Version)
– Automatic core updates (Only in Premium Version)


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